Painting Workshops

Painting Workshops

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Painting workshops in Acrylics & Oils in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Suitable for both beginners and more experienced artists.

See flyer opposite for details of current venue and time, or visit my Facebook page for future dates, times, venues and updates.

Please bring your own materials as follows:

Canvas or suitable paper
Paints (colours below)
Brushes for Acrylic or Oils (Selection of shapes and sizes)
Palette knife (if you have one)
Rags or Kitchen towel
Water pot

Preferable colours to bring as follows:
Titanium White
Ultramarine Blue
Cerulean Blue
Alizarin Crimson
Cadmium Red
Cadmium Yellow
Lemon Yellow
Raw Sienna
Raw Umber

It's not essential to have all these colours, as long as you have white, red, blue & yellow we can mix all the colours we'll need.

Looking forward to seeing you there!